Linear Design by Maria Katsoulis

Linear Design by Maria Katsoulis

The linear design is the basis for almost all types of nail art. All striking designs start with simple lines. At the same time there are many easy designs that a nail artist can create. In the following step-by-step tutorial  Maria Katsoulis will guide us on how to create a simple but impressive design.


After properly preparing the nails, we apply GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® 15 Total Eclipse and cure.


We create the shading of the linear with GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® 08 Ivory and cure.


We apply a thin coat of GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® Satin Matte-RS Non Wipe Top Coat and cure.


We create the nail art line by making the design with GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® White Painting gel and cure.

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